It is the feast of lovers and is celebrated on February 14, its origin dates back to 496 AD. takes its name from the Christian saint Valentino originally from Terni,

Legend has it that the saint gave a poor girl a sum of money, necessary as a dowry for her wedding, which, without this, could not have been celebrated, exposing the girl, without means and other support. , at the risk of perdition. The generous gift – fruit of love and aimed at love – would therefore have created the tradition of considering the holy bishop Valentine as the protector of lovers.

“What do I give on Valentine’s Day?”

– a romantic dinner for two, created by our fabulous restaurants located in the Prosecco hills, and delivered on time to your home

-a bottle of prosecco with two glasses and a handful of chocolates, ideal for celebrating February 14 or on another occasion,

-a beauty box ideal for cuddling as a couple

-a small simple jewel with an “I Love You” effect

-a more or less spicy lingerie

-a bouquet of strictly Red roses or a beautiful orchid accompanied by a note: “take care of her as of our love”

-a week in the magical Venice, the most romantic city in the world …

Here in these lines you will find a perfect idea for all budgets and above all a good Valentine’s Day by GuidaProsecco

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